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Diskussion «EUROGI/eSDI-Net Awards 2011»
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René Sonney
11. August 11 (08:52 Uhr)
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EUROGI invites all type of stakeholders in charge of sub-national SDIs, at any level (regional, local), of any size and from any region of Europe, to participate in the EUROGI/eSDI-Net sub-national SDIs Best Practices Awards 2011.
SDI self-assessment framework (SDI-SAF) is the tool for collecting information needed in the Awards assessment process, that is based on SDI-SAF indicators. A Jury is established to build evaluation indexes from indicators.(for details see: SDI Self-Assessment Framework 2011
Assessment Criteria:
1.Quality of datasets and services
2.Datasets and services rising rate
3.Partnerships and networking
Interested stakeholders have to fill in the on-line SDI self-assessment framework (SDI-SAF) by 5th September.[]