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Diskussion «Expert Day - Data Innovation Alliance - Technopark Zürich, 24.08., 13.15-18.30 Uhr»
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Reik Leiterer
17. August 23 (08:23 Uhr)
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The next Expert Day is coming up again! The new, well-received event format will feature workshops, including: "Hidden opportunities: Geospatial applications in the age of Open Data".

What are the pressing needs and possible new approaches in this field? The upcoming workshop, organized by ERNI and the Spatial Data Expert Group, brings together experts from different fields to tackle these topics.

Join the Expert Day on 24. Aug from 13.15 at Technopark Zurich. The Geospatial Workshop takes places at 14.00.

Participants will benefits from insights on current technology topics, discuss innovative solutions and possible use cases and get to know potential technology providers. Within an ideation workshop, you can explore in-depth challenges mentioned by the participants and move to the idea stage. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to network with potential project partners.

With organizers: Michele Bolla, Tomas Tamfal (ERNI), Florian Scheidegger (IBM Research), Raphael von Thiessen (KI Sandbox Kanton ZH), Anne Wegmann (, Stefan Keller (OST) & Reik Leiterer (data innovation alliance)

Registration is free: []