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Diskussion «"What can be done for government mapping?" - Citations from an interesting talk by Paul Ramsey»
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David Oesch
7. Dezember 15 (08:33 Uhr)
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Valid points

"Serve your data raw" -> nun mit über 150 Rohdatensätzen, 14 GB.

Stefan Keller
6. Dezember 15 (20:04 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 3251
"Data Pipes & Relevance - What can be done for government mapping" by Paul Ramsey

What follows are interesting fragmental citations from slides which have been presented by Paul Ramsey, CartoDB, obviously during the bi-annual meeting of The Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG) around beginning of December 2015. The CCOG is the major Canadian federal-provincial-territorial consultative body for geographic information management [] .

* Developers starting fresh don't look at government data anymore. (...).
* At the low end, they'll use G*, MS or MapBox (...) At the higher end (...) they'll get Natural Earth, GeoNames, and OpenStreetMap.
* NASA also (initially) got stuck (...) of trying to make distribution "easy", via web portals (...) without making bulk access fast and simple first.
* The big change this year (...) was LandSat 8 data is now available in basically real-time on the Amazon Web Services cloud.
* This (raw download) distribution is not user friendly at all, but it's simple, and it's computer friendly.
* Effectively, there is a dataset, the "portland trimet roads data", which they maintain, but they now neither host it themselves, nor distribute it themselves because their data is embedded in OpenStreetmap (OSM).
* "Serve your data raw!" Commit to simplicity in distribution. (...)
* Publish raw data, with computer readable manifests, with stable URLs, close to the point of consumption on public cloud infrastructure.
* There's no better route to getting onto people's devices than using OSM as a distribution channel. None. And I know it will be hard. There will be excuses.

I found this via Twitter [] .
You can get more info about the original document and weblinks at [] .